Saturday, March 17, 2012



A new website will be ready because you helped !

Due to sustainable donations made by YOU (thank you for that) this website will soon be moved from here (blogger) to a new and fresh Wordpress server...
Thank you all for your support !! You made it possible !
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Utappia, is a collection of useful tools and applications that are intuitive and just work.

Utappia, is a website of indie software developers, that provide simple, easy to use software to make your daily Linux OS experience better and easier.

In the portfolio of Utappia you will find:
  • iQunix : An Ubuntu based advanced operating system
  • Cinux : An Linux based operating system built from scratch
  • uCareSystem:  All in one system maintenance tool
  • CaptureMe: A simple tool for screencasting
  • Optimus Kernel: An optimized Linux Kernel for faster and more responsive Desktop experience

For more information about our products please check out our  

If you have any question or a request don't hesitate to send us an email or by filling out the Support form we have prepared for you